celina tent

Celina Tent dramatically advances fabric structure manufacturing with two Zünd G3 XL/3XL cutting systems.

Located in rural Ohio, Celina Industries and its 81 employees work hard to make high-quality products for humanitarian relief efforts, military billeting, storage, commercial party tents, and agricultural curtains. Having implemented RF/HF/hot air welding, sewing, and in-house printing for fabrication, the company saw an urgent need for faster, more accurate, and efficient cutting capabilities.

Why should you choose Agri-Barrier Barn Ventilation Curtains?

When building a barn today, most farmers choose to build a barn with plastic (PVC or PE) curtain sidewalls as opposed to a solid wall.  The swine, turkey, dairy/beef are contained to a barn and may require natural ventilation.  Building a barn with curtain sidewalls allows for this.  The natural ventilation not only removes heat and moisture from the building but also odors and gasses.  Utilizing the Agri-Barrier livestock curtain system can allow the farmer to regulate the temperature and moisture in the barn by raising or lowering the curtain as conditions require.